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What Causes Dark Circles Around the Eyes - How Do You Get Rid of Them?

What Causes Dark Circles Around the Eyes - How Do You Get Rid of Them?

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We’ve all been there - that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning, and you find dark circles under your eyes staring back at you. “But I got a good night sleep!,” you think to yourself. While fatigue is a cause of this beauty woe, there are actually many different factors that go into the how and why dark circles form and who gets them. But the main factor isn’t lack of sleep, it’s actually genetics (thanks, Mom!)

Depending on your skin color, those pesky circles are caused by different things. If you’re fair skinned and your dark circles appear blueish or greenish, that’s caused by blood vessels constricting due to inflammation, resulting in blood pooling in the area. If your circles are more reddish or brownish, those would be hyper pigmentation, and are more common in those with darker skin. No matter the skin color, the skin under our eyes thins as we age, making any sort of blood hiding underneath appear darker.

We all love to blame our mothers for our beauty misfortunes, but this time, it might actually be her genetics that have made you a dark circle sufferer! If she or your grandmother, had to deal with them, more than likely you will follow suit. And if it’s not hereditary, there are still factors like your diet, allergies, fatigue, and even your screen time that might cause them to flare up. That said, don’t panic because there are many ways to help diminish their appearance! We’ve rounded up some of Priori’s best products to make dark circles a thing of your past.


Vitamin C

Products high in Vitamin C can help assist with collagen production, and sort of “wake up” the undereye area. Here’s a tip: keep your eye serums in the fridge to get a cooling sensation upon application - this will also help constrict the blood vessels faster for near immediate improving results!

We recommend: Priori LCA fx310 Eye Serum


Lightening Products

For those suffering circles from hyper pigmentation, a lightening eye serum can assist in the evening production of melanin in the skin, thereby gradually lightening the overall area.

We recommend: Priori TTC fx330 Tightening Eye Serum


It should come as no surprise that sun exposure can cause hyper pigmentation, but the small undereye region is often overlooked in terms of protection. Don’t forget to dab some SPF there (and everywhere) each morning!

We recommend: Priori Tetra fx250 Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen




For those suffering from dark circles due to aging, a retinol will increase collagen as well as reduce the transparency of aged skin, fading away the circles over time.

We recommend: Priori DNA Eye Recovery Cream with Retinol





Last, but definitely not least, there’s always foundation & concealer to mask and conceal those circles! Be sure to use all-natural or mineral products as to not further bother sensitive skin. Given the tender nature of the eyes, always take extra care when removing makeup, as well. Using a foundation with additional SPF around this delicate eye area is a huge bonus!

We recommend: Priori Mineral Skincare Powder SPF 25



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