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What is Maskne? The Skincare Woe of 2020

What is Maskne? The Skincare Woe of 2020

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Who knew the term ‘face mask’ would have such a different meaning in 2020?! Just when we thought our skin would be in the clear (literally) after a much-needed break from everyday makeup during quarantine, now we find that our protective, anti-Coronavirus face masks are disturbing our skin in the form of maskne.  And it is exactly what is sounds like — acne or irritation you get from wearing your mask, with hot spots focusing on the cheeks, chin, and nose. The pros refer to it as acne mechanica, or acne caused by excess heat, friction, or rubbing of the skin. Sounds about right!

Now that these masks are a part of our everyday routine, you’ve probably carefully selected ones that best suit your needs. From moisture-wicking fabrics, to 100% cotton, to disposable, there sure are a lot to choose from. So, which one is ideal in terms of protecting your skin? A reusable cotton mask is going to be the best choice for your wallet, the earth, and also your skin, if washed frequently.

As we enter the hottest months of the year, your mask will trap sweat, bacteria, and oil on your skin resulting in irritation and flareups. While this moisture is inevitable, maskne is not! Simple adjustments to your daily skincare routine, as well as wearing a clean mask, can help prevent and protect. We’ve created the perfect maskne-fighting routine to keep your skin happy and healthy! 

Wash your face after wearing your mask

You have your routine of morning cleansing and double cleansing at night, but there is a key new time where it is super important to wash your face, and that is right after wearing a mask. Not only will this clean your skin of the dirt trapped under the mask, but it will also prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. PRIORI’s Gentle Cleanser is filled with antioxidants to smooth and protect, while its gel texture will calm irritated skin.



Don’t forget collagen

Now more than ever is the time to make your skin stronger, but it’s not the time for super harsh, exfoliating products. Skin becomes weak overtime with less collagen production, and weaker skin is more prone to the pulling and wrinkling effects of wearing a mask. A serum like our DNA Recovery Serum is light enough to use during the humid summer months, but strong enough to keep working where your skin needs it the most, like the sensitive fine lines around the mouth. This mighty serum supports the repair of DNA, using DNA mechanisms that mimic our cells, along with Vitamins C and E to encourage collagen production & cellular support.



Seal the deal

The constant rubbing on your skin from the mask can also hurt the skin’s exterior, making your face more prone to breakouts. And while your mask traps moisture, it’s not the good kind, so a solid face emulsion is still necessary to lock in all the goodness of your products. The Barrier Restore Complexe restores your skin’s natural barrier to protect from the woes of mask-wearing (and other irritants). Give your products adequate time to soak in before putting on your mask to prevent sweating them off, but also to be sure your mask stays firmly in place!

Love all three of these products? With masks a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, consider The Recovery Kit, which includes these products in convenient travel sizes. This kit was created with the ever-changing environment in mind, so you know your skin will be protected in these uncertain times. 

And, as always, your face being covered doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. A mask-shaped sunburn would really be the cherry on top of 2020 that nobody deserves!

Tip: To prevent build-up of dead cells and encourage healing of current problematic skin issues, use the LCA Peel Pads once or twice a week at night. For more sensitive skin, try the TTC Natural Enzyme Peel & Mask, that heals while reducing redness and inflammation.

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