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The Newest “PF” That Needs To Be On Your Radar: Genetic Protection Factor

The Newest “PF” That Needs To Be On Your Radar: Genetic Protection Factor

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We all know SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and how it’s the crucial part of your sunscreen. But there’s a new PF in town, and it’s the Priori exclusive GPF, or Genetic Protection Factor, and like the name implies, it’s all about protecting your genes, or DNA.

So, what exactly should we be protecting our genes against, and what makes it different than SPF? We’ll break it down for you.

What should we be protecting our genetics from?

The short answer is all different types of light and free radicals. That might sound simple, but it’s astonishing how many types of light there actually are, and the damage that can be done. We discussed the basics of different light in this blog post, but here’s the lowdown.

Light consists of the following: physical (whether that’s real light outside or artificial inside), blue light (HEV or High Energy Visible light), and infrared. All of these penetrate the skin at different levels, causing a variety of damage. UVA hits the skin deep enough to cause DNA oxidation, but visible light and infrared hit the deepest to cause the most destruction in the form of free radical formation and premature skin aging. More than half of the energy the sun emits is infrared!

Everything that SPF protects against, it’s not enough to protect your DNA.

In this modern age with technology and urban living, our genetic defense struggles to keep up with the constant attack. Sunscreen only stops approximately 45-55% of free radicals from entering our systems. Some other free radicals can come from the inside with things like stress, something we all have to deal with.

So, what does GPF do exactly?

It protects against all that SPF protects against, and then some.

  • Pollution
  • Infrared
  • HEV Blue Light
  • Free Radicals
  • DNA Damage
  • Physical light

Genetic Protection Factor | Priori Skincare

While the concept of genetic protection is nothing new to Priori - we’ve had DNA Repair Enzymes in some of our products from the beginning - this new range has a little extra something. We have developed a new ingredient to block out the hardest thing to protect the skin from, HEV or blue light, an antioxidant called Soliberine. Derived from a plant called Buddleja officinalis, or the Butterfly Bush, it works to specifically guard the skin from 45% of the free radicals caused by our electronics (psst, we see that blue light all over you right now as you read this). But that’s not all! Studies show that is also cause increase production of elastin, limit inflammation, and inhibit hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays.

We will be relaunching the original GPF products, plus introducing two more soon, and we are so excited for you to get your hands on them!

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