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Winter Skin Remedies You Need ASAP!

Winter Skin Remedies You Need ASAP!

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Every season comes with its own skin woes, but winter definitely takes the cake for being the most difficult to overcome. Going from the dry heat inside to the cold wind outside is not only hard on the body, but it’s really hard on your skin! And while we might not be going outside as often as previous winters (thanks, Covid), your skin is still fighting to protect its moisture the entire day. Double downing on moisturizer means nothing if your skin’s barrier is fragile from harsh weather conditions. We’ve broken down some key steps and products to ensure your face is locked and loaded with hydration this season!

Step One: Start with a skin corrector

The best thing about our Skin Renewal Cream? It’s great for all skin types and perfect for those who need to hit the restart button on their skincare routine. It plumps up fine lines and improves the skin’s texture, giving you a great base to layer on the rest of your regime.



Step Two: Heal the skin

The Barrier Restore Complexe should be a part of everyone’s routine! It’s chock full of antioxidants and fatty acids that have healing benefits to restore a healthy skin barrier. Without this barrier, the skin won’t absorb the moisture it desperately needs from the next step. Why? Because a healthy barrier prevents TDWL, or Transdermal Water Loss, which is when the moisture evaporates off your skin rather than being absorbed.



Step Three: Seal the deal

Moisturizers are not one size fits all! Find the one for your specific skin needs below:

DAMAGED SKIN: DNA Intense Recovery Cream Intense is in the name for a reason — there’s not much this cream can’t do! Especially in today’s world where we live in front of harmful electronics, this cream corrects skin damage at a cellular, DNA level, to repair skin in order to lock in moisture.

KEEP THE GLOW: Q+SOD Moisturizing Cream For those who want to keep their summer glow all year round, this is the cream for you. Retinol helps with skin resurfacing to improve radiance, leaving you, well, radiant. Safe for AM or PM use!

CLEAN BEAUTY: TTC Luxuriant Cream A clean beauty option, this rich cream is a great all year-round product. You get that antioxidant protection against free radicals, while also helping to even out any pigmentation.

DEEP TREATMENT: TTC Natural Soothing Balm This balm is also from the natural TTC line! Best used at night as a restorative salve, this helps relieve dry, itchy skin while healing blemishes. Add to your lips for a moisturizing treat!

This product is a must, even if you can’t get with a full daily routine.


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