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Self-Care 101: Make Yourself a PRIORIty

Self-Care 101: Make Yourself a PRIORIty

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The term self-care has served different purposes over the years. What once was probably just keeping up with your basic hygiene in the olden days, has transformed into treating yourself to that glass of wine after work because you deserve it. With the craziness of our current world today, self-care is more important now than ever before.

It’s critical that each of you take even just a few minutes each day to focus on, or PRIORItize if you will, yourself! Whatever your vice, take that time for you to unwind and enjoy taking care of your physical and mental well-being. We’ve put together some basic R&R tips below to get you started. 

  • Journal

Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper can be very therapeutic. Write a few notes about what you are grateful for in the morning, and then jot down some thoughts from the day before you go to sleep.

  • Do a workout

There’s nothing like getting your body moving to make you feel better! Whether some calming yoga or an intense HIIT course is more your style, sweating out the small stuff can help calm you down.

  • Take a bath

Toss in your favorite bath bomb, light some candles and lose yourself in some bubbles. This was your mom’s favorite way to relax for a reason!

  • Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to drink water! Reaching for a glass of wine might be your first option to relieve stress (and we don’t blame you), but keeping your body properly hydrated is key to optimum health.

  • Read a book

Sometimes, getting lost in a a fantasy world is exactly what you need to unwind from your world. Reread an old classic or dive into a new genre to help your mind wander and your body relax.

  • Learn a new hobby

Whether you choose calligraphy, baking, or painting, learning a new skill will force your mind to focus on the beauty you are creating, rather than the stressful day you had.

  • Do your favorite skincare routine

Hopefully with a little help from Priori! We’ve created three different skin care kits to help suit your current needs, and work into your daily “me” time.

The Reset Kit

If you’ve been lacking in the skincare department recently or just want to start fresh with a new one, this is the kit for the skincare enthusiast. Bring life back to your skin with these AHA-infused products for the most dramatic results.

  • LCA fx160 - 2xFoliant Peel + Scrub for Face and Body
  • LCA fx161 - Hydrofill Mask
  • LCA fx140 - Barrier Restore 

The Resurface Kit

Kiss those dead skin cells goodbye! Upgrade your routine by adding these skincare essentials to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Plus, this kit is perfect for all skin types!

      • LCA fx110 - Gentle Cleanser
      • LCA - Smart Peel Pads
      • LCA fx140 - Barrier Restore 

The Brighten Kit

Time to let your skin shine! Balance, exfoliate and brighten using Turmeric, Green Tea and Licorice Root with these natural products. This trio is perfect for skin needing a pick-me-up!

      • TTC fx310 - Naturally Enriched Cleanser
      • TTC fx360 - Natural Enzyme Peel & Mask
      • TTC fx340 - Skin Restore Cream

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