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3 Steps to Your Ideal Skin

3 Steps to Your Ideal Skin

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Your Skin is as simple as 1..2..3!

Everyone is going to have a different vision of what their “ideal skin” might look like. One of you might want less acne while another one just wants a healthy glow. No matter the skin woe bringing you down, we all have to start with the basics of skin care. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t three steps to ideal skin overnight—all good things in life take a bit of time!

Now, we might be a little biased, but we believe in science-based solutions for finally getting your ideal skin. And while these steps are the most important to any skin care regime and will get you on the path to perfect skin, without the best products, your results will always be limited. What you do in between these steps is determined by your individual skin needs, but these are the top three steps that anyone of any skin type with any skin concern should follow in order to achieve their ideal skin!


We’ve emphasized the importance of cleansing at least once both morning and night (twice if you read this post) several times on the blog, but just in case you’re still willing to sleep in your makeup, please keep reading! Cleansing your face is much more than just taking the day off—it’s literally creating a fresh palette for all of your skincare products to come after. You wouldn't put a freshly cooked meal on top of a dirty plate. Think of your regime as that fresh meal full of nutrients and vitamins for your skin, so just wash your face, deal?

For sensitive skin: LCA Gentle Cleanser

For acne prone skin: Q+SOD Active Cleanser


2. Exfoliate

The skin we live in is made up of cells that are constantly regenerating, but this process slows down significantly with age. Dead skin hanging out on the surface can lead to clogged pores and dull skin, so exfoliation is key for showing off that fresh skin underneath. This also allows the rest of your regime (masks, serums, moisturizer, etc) to penetrate as deeply as possible through the layers of the skin for optimum results. Without this, your (probably expensive) products aren’t really serving a purpose. Whether you use a physical or chemical exfoliant is up to you, but either way, this is one crucial step!

Chemical Exfoliant: LCA Smart Peel Pads

Physical Exfoliant: LCA 2xFoliant Peel + Scrub


3. Moisturize

Just like how you need a fresh slate to apply products to, there must be a final step that acts like a barrier holding all the products in, and that is why we must moisturize. It’s not just for those with dry skin! This final step is responsible for literally holding water into the skin to avoid dryness or excess oil, so doing this daily prevents either extreme. An easy way to tell that you’re not hydrated enough is how your makeup sits on your face. If it’s seeping into fine lines or sticking to dry spots, you need all the moisture you can get.

Pro tip: wait a few minutes after applying moisturizer to put on your makeup to ensure it’s absorbed fully.

For dry skin: TTC Luxuriant Cream

For oily skin: LCA Barrier Restore Complex


Something noticeably missing from this list is SPF, and no, we’re not overlooking it. It’s 2020 people, we shouldn’t still have to remind you to wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. This is a must!

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