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3 Reasons to Double-Cleanse

3 Reasons to Double-Cleanse

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Cleansing your face is a necessary part of everyday life (and if it isn’t for you - welcome, we’re glad you’re here to learn!). However, this first step to every skincare routine seems to mean something different to everyone. One might think removing their makeup is sufficient, while another, specifically men, might consider splashing warm water on their face as a job well done. We hate to break it to you, but neither of these “cleansing” methods are sufficient.


You, hopefully, wouldn’t think twice before brushing your teeth twice a day, so why is washing your face so difficult to keep up? Priori considers the double cleanse method an essential step in a successful skincare routine. You read that right, double cleanse, as in not once, but twice. So, why two times you ask? Here are three reasons:

1. Taking off your makeup isn’t enough.

We know, taking your makeup off at the end of a long day is a feat to be celebrated, but it’s really not enough to properly clean your face. And if you don’t wear that much makeup or any at all, double cleansing still applies to you. The first cleanse is to literally clean the day off your skin, and that means pollution, sweat, oil, makeup, dirt, debris - the list goes on. It’s the second cleanse that is actually cleaning your skin!


2. Your skincare products will absorb better.

Sounds super obvious, but washing your face two times in a row really ensures there’s not an ounce of dirt left. It’s during the second round of cleansing that you get that tingly sensation that tells you your face is uber clean. With the top, grimy layer gone, the cleanser will really get down in your pores to clear them out. This allows the rest of the products in your skincare routine to penetrate better and deeper for faster results! Side note: while double cleansing the in AM isn’t entirely necessary, cleaning your face one time upon waking will also allow those early morning products to absorb deeper.


3. Your skin will improve.

With your after-cleanser products like serums, masks, and moisturizers soaking deeper into your skin, it’s guaranteed that you will see better results. And, of course, the kind of cleanser you choose for your skin matters, so focus on finding one that is geared towards your specific skin needs. Priori has pH balanced, non-soap cleansers that are perfect for double cleansing every night, and here’s a breakdown to find the right one for you!


Normal Skin

TTC fx310 Naturally Enriched Cleanser

Oily Skin

Q+SOD fx210 Active Cleanser

Sensitive Skin

LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser


Now, we know there will always be the nights where you get home and you just can’t find the energy to wash your face, and that’s why it’s always great to keep micellar water or makeup remover wipes on your nightstand for a swift swipe. But if you do stick to the double cleanse method, you will 100% notice a difference in your skin. Happy Cleansing!

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